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14 Jul

I am a recovering alcoholic who used to love writing and saw it as one of the many blessings/gifts I've received from God. During my active addiction I became mentally blocked form writing and my gifts. I created the narrative in my life that anything from God I would not accept in my life and turned my back on him.

During my time in recovery i have been able to change that narrative with Gods help. I want to use this gift to give back to others and help others find the same healing that I have been able to. I know that everyone's comfort with spirituality and a higher power is different. I chose God as my higher power because I was comfortable and was raised with him. I keep my faith in God and place a greater emphasis on my spirituality rather than my religion. I want to use my writing in a spiritual manner to bring the message to those suffering and show you are not alone in your life. 

I want to show others that you can be whoever you chose to be in recovery, and you can rediscover the things you love, the gifts you have been given and the love for yourself. We are free to change the narrative of our past into healing for others. Allow me to be of service to you, and I hope you enjoy my writings.

Much love and thanks,


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