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07 Oct

I was a Deadman walking long before I met you

I’ve been running on borrowed timeIt had to end eventually

I just couldn’t bring myself to drift away

I couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye

No my goodbye is the same way I lived my life

Gone in an instant

Off to explore the world without a word

Because saying goodbye meant it was over

And I wasn’t ready for that

So I ran like I always do

I would go to the ends of the earth to hide away

To die in my own blissful peace

Thats where I hoped my time would end

But against my wishes my hourglass was turned over

The time reset 

Here I stay, a man who only ever prepared for death

How does one manage to live?

What does it mean to live?

These are the questions I avoided for many years

But I cant anymore

Yet I still don’t know the answers

I’m not sure if I ever will.

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