2 min read
10 Sep

I wasn’t always a jester you know

 In my younger days I was a mere puppeteer

 Slowly learning to weave my webs and play in the shadows

 No one knew what was to become of me


Back then I had no mask to wear 

My first mask was gained in pain and young love 

She became the first puppet on my strings 

A glimpse of my mask began to form 


I was naïve to how the darkness and chaos shrouded me 

Manipulation became my greatest skill 

Soon I began to step out of the shadows and into the world 

To perform my puppet show for all to see


The first half of the mask had formed 

To the two worlds I belonged to 

My first being my own darkness 

The second my stage to shine 


Before I knew it my show was full

 My puppets were the stars and gladly played their roles

 Little did they know the chaos my webs weaved 

For I would be the real star to light the way 

To hide my true purpose the first mask was complete  


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