2 min read
07 Sep

  We both put up our walls the night we met 

The more we flirted the more my heart yearned

 I made a decision to open up the gate 

To allow you into my kingdom


You might have believed I was a king 

The way I held myself up on a pedestal 

My truth is I was a fool merely performing for all to see

 Joy came to me from the laughter of others 


Your tale was something much different from mine 

You stood atop your walls and professed your love to me 

Those words always felt empty to me 

I never saw your gate move 


You asked to be treated like a queen on a pedestal 

Yet you carried yourself like a fool 

A mask of pain for all to see 

Hiding from the world your inner self


I stood at your gate and waited patiently 

Love and compassion were given freely 

Things I couldn’t even give myself at times 

But your heart was still full of pain 


In the end the price became too steep 

My mind betrayed my heart

 Reality opened my eyes to the truth

 A simple step was all it took for me to walk away


Yet my feet refused to move 

There was a chain around me that had to be cut 

Calling upon my spirit guides to cut the chain 

A sword broke the chains in the blink of an eye

 Back to my kingdom I ran with a new mask to play the fool  

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