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04 Dec

Cause me? I wanted a pure love, a kind love 

But my own love was hateful, bitter 

I didn’t understand how to be loved 

I didn’t understand how to love another  

 So, I settled for what I knew 

That same painful love 

Because everything else felt boring 

I craved that destructive feeling   

Even if I did get the love I wanted 

The capacity to comprehend it was lost on me 

Like a confused child, I played with it wrong 

Unable to treat it with compassion, unable to reciprocate    

Looking back, it's no wonder I hated myself so passionately

 I treated others the same way I treated myself 

With disdain and contempt 

No one including myself, would ever be good enough  

But my inner spirit guides taught me different 

They showed me what I sought after for so long 

Was inside me all along 

Untainted, incorruptible 


I had to return to my roots 

The purest expression of who I am 

Before I lost faith, before my ego ran the show 

There was a little boy, created by God  

 That little boy who took on the burdens of the world 

The burdens and limits of his family 

Dreaming of being in the sky 

Not knowing he was always free to fly  

 He had wings of his own but remain grounded

 Because he was told he would never fly 

By the people who had failed to

But he was different  

So, they bullied him, teased him for being different 

Until he longed to be the same, just like them 

He clipped his wings to fit in 

But he was still different   

He couldn’t understand why, they refused to accept him 

So, bit by bit he put himself into a box 

Always conforming to be like the others 

And still never fitting in  

Until he found himself empty and alone 

A man who was never meant to fit 

Never able to remove the piece that made him different 

Because his wings were made to fly 

But he locked himself into a box 

Becoming just like everybody else  

Inside that box was that little boy 

The boy who's wings were never clipped

 He was shown how to fly 

And his heart began to cry  

He spent his whole life trying to be someone else 

Never realizing he was wholly unique 

Limited by those around him 

Afraid of being different  

Don’t clip your wings to fit the world 

Embrace the things that make you, You 

Every gift, every strength and even your weaknesses 

Are the things that make you, You 

Your pain, your anger, your love, your heart 

Don’t put these into a box to fit into the lives of others 

All you ever need to be, is just you.  

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