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01 Aug

  A man can be many things, but me? I can be anything and anyone. I discovered very early in my life that I was a changeling. With the ability to change my looks into whatever I feel like. I became desirable, and loved. Life was finally bending to my will and my powers. Over the years I perfected my looks, and man did I look good. I was a model, I was the standard for men, and I was on top of the world. I covered up every aspect of my true appearance because I was hideous. If anyone ever found out I would lose everything and everyone. Growing up when I looked in that mirror, I saw a monster staring back at me. I saw my crooked smile, my large nose and my dainty lips. I saw my hunchback and unproportionate limbs and I was disgusted. I was bullied, I was kicked around and I hated myself. I made sure that all changed when I discovered my powers. I refused to be that same ugly weakling that I once was. I was going to show the world who I really was inside, by putting on a façade on the outside. 

     Lust and ego became my guiding factors in life. I wanted to be lusted over, and my ego loved it. It loved being stroked on the daily, and it loved being fed compliments. I attracted women and became a player. I had 4-5 women on rotation and used them as I saw fit for sex, company, cuddles. When I was done playing with them, I discarded them like trash. They were easily replaceable in my life so why would I care? My life had peaked and I loved every minute of it. On the inside however I was dying. I became the very person I hated growing up; I had become the worst bully. I was an egotistical bastard and was out of control. My ego was too large for any room, and I had to be the best in the room. I found myself trying to numb with any substance that I could. The more I kept up the façade, the more I had to use and the more my body suffered.  Until one day I woke up and went about my morning routine. I walked out of that steaming shower, and looked in the mirror. What I saw looking back made my skin boil. It was rotting flesh, my flesh falling and it was beginning to reveal my true nature. At first it was only noticeable to me, but as the months passed by, I had trouble maintaining all my looks. Bit by bit my imperfections were returning, and the harder I tried to use my powers the worse things progressed. I didn’t understand how this could possibly happen. Was I poisoning myself with these substances and did that affect my abilities? I thought long and hard about it but I could not come up with an answer. I was losing everything that I had built with my fake life. My truth was going to be exposed, my deformities were going to be screamed at by those in my life. I was horrifying to look at and I could not show myself to the world.  I returned home in an attempt to find some sort of knowledge my family might have had. My father did not possess the ability, but his grandfather did.  

     Finally, I had received some good news, but it wasn’t the news I wanted to hear. He told me the tale of our powers, and how we lose them. When our hearts are pure, and full of good intentions our abilities are working at full power. When our soul becomes rotten and corrupt like mine had, the power starts to wear away and break down. It’s a gift to protect yourself and to help others he said, and what did you do with it? Nothing, you spoiled yourself and hurt good people like you were growing up. In order to regain, my powers I would have to face my past and make amends. I didn’t know where to start and it seemed like an impossible task. I started with the women I had used, but what they saw was nothing of the man they knew. They saw the ugliest form of me, and I had become unable to hide my true identity anymore. They listened to me, and at the end they even thanked me for being open and honest.  By the end of these amends, everyone had already seen the true me, and they didn’t look at me in disgust.  

     Because what I saw in the mirror was not what they saw. You see my power comes with a test, and that test is your own reflection. It shows you the worst parts of you that you imagine, but it doesn’t show the truth. It tests your heart to see if you will use your power for selfish reasons and I failed that test. I lost my powers to realize the monster I had really become form my own insecurities. I regained my powers when I owned up to the destruction I had caused. They forgave me because they saw me for the man I was and not the monster of my ego. 


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