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06 Sep

I sit atop my throne of lies

Staring at the up at the sky for a sign

Watching life pass me by

All alone in my kingdom of pain

I am but a jester in the spotlight

Wearing my mask I enter the stage

Jokes, dance and art are my life

I don the fools cap for thee
My smile is painted on for all to see

Empty and hollow I can never be

For the laughter of others I give myself freely

They can never know what lies deep inside me
When my performance is over I jingle away

Back to my room I go

Sitting at my desk staring into the mirror

Wondering who looks back at me
Ive worn many masks over the years

But they never seem to fit

My true identity lost in the tears

All alone, I take off my mask and my fools cap
Once again I am reminded for a moment

What my own joy feels like and I smile

No one deserves to feel alone

Into character I go

Knowing I play the fool for thee

My masks are all part of the whole that is me

Finding a way to spread joy

Puts a smile on my face

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